About us

We are a two-handed marionette company based in Southampton and working within a wide radius of the area. We offer two different types of puppetry, as well as workshops:-

Woman with red hair
Woman with red hair
  • Puppet Theatre – marionettes presented in a large fit-up working plays, circus, and variety material.
  • Cabaret marionettes – large 30-inch-high fully-animated string-puppets presented either in a fit-up or on an open stage with the manipulators in view. These marionettes work variety items up to 45 minutes duration with material suitable for a family audience.
  • Workshops – Talks on puppetry and demonstrations. Full day workshops at the end of which each participant has their own glove puppet.

We have been working professionally since 1991 in a wide range of venues:-

  • Birthday parties, private parties, anniversaries and weddings.
  • Fetes, village fayres, horticultural and other outdoor shows and events.
  • Holiday camps (Hastings, Sidmouth, Weymouth, etc).
  • Schools, disability centres, and WI groups.
  • Sea-fronts – for instance Bognor, Bournemouth, Cowes Week, Worthing, etc.
  • Shopping malls
Cat with piano

Today we find that string puppetry is infrequently seen, therefore we are something of a novelty with good audience-appeal. Our fees are very reasonable, but naturally vary depending on what is required of us.

If you are planning an event, please complete our contact form, and we will be glad to assist. We look forward to hearing from you!