News – March 2020

This year we are creating a new show, Cat and Mouse, which tells the story of a very unlikely friendship. Grandpa is having trouble with mice in his house and his granddaughter, Lily, brings him a kitten to catch them. But things don’t go according to plan and soon the young mouse, Minimus, is introducing the cat to his friends who live in the wood, among them a hedgehog, rabbit, mice and owl.

The story has a science-fiction twist when Minimus finds out his friends are being terrorised by a giant insect. But his new friend comes to the rescue and proves himself a true ally in dangerous circumstances. The show is aimed at a family audience and the cute animal puppets will appeal particularly to young children. The show can be booked for private parties or seen at our public events.

News – May 2019

Our new show, ‘Mr Toppy’s Human and Animal Dance Show’ is currently in production.

Mr Toppy tours his unique troupe of human and animal dancers from theatre to theatre but behind the scenes he is struggling with a lack of bookings and it looks as if he may have to close the show down.

Then, whilst touring Scotland his Spanish dancer meets a local girl with magical powers and she knows some creatures of legend who might just be willing to help.